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January 1, 2016

Jan 1: Landing in Hanoi

Looking trip, but we had a great (if sleep deprived) day in Hanoi.

Made it to the hotel, walked around Hoan Kiem Lake (boy if we could zone Greenlake like this!), had a beer, and then a fantastic street vendor dinner.

Meeting friends in the morning and we will sample the coffee!

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December 31, 2015

Day Zero Plus

Travel day. Not there yet most of the way there. We are in Taipei, having coffee-stopped here on our way to Bangkok a couple of years ago.

Flight was interesting; a young man was agitated and hurt himself, and a trio of medical professionals leapt to the rescue. Bandaged him up, and with permission from his guardian, taped him into a seat. And then sat with him for the next 6 hours, trying (pretty successfully) to keep him calm. Flight crew (Eva Air) was also terrific.

Next stop: Hanoi!

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