Trump Score April 30 2017

I admit that my scoring is far from scientifically sound. And it’s after the fact – I’m scoring based on what has happened thus far, and am intentionally avoiding the “what might happen”.

So after 100 days – my math has the score at less than a point. And the “taking action to split town” score is at least 5.

The score, and then some notes:

trump score april 30 2017


Okay. Most of the scores are still a zero.

  • Citizens have to register? Nope. Travel ban wishing aside – this is still a wish for the administration.
  • Judicial Branch subverted? Not yet. The administration would like to breakup the 9th Circuit because they disagree, but they don’t have the capacity to actually do that – that requires an act of Congress.
  • Military deployed? Nope.
  • Term limits? No change
  • Separation of church and state? No better or worse.
  • FOIA requests denied? Not that I can tell.
  • Peaceably assemble? BANG! Happening all of the time, and I’m not seeing even a hint of “you can’t do that”. Lots of “we don’t like it”, but that’s exactly the point, right?

    Take Berkeley for the moment. Ann Coulter has the right to say what she wants. And those that disagree and wish she would shut her gob have that same right.

  • Safe in my own home? As much as ever.
  • Speedy trial? Same as it ever was.
  • I just tapped a new IPA. Yep, still making and drinking beer here at home
  • Still able to get a travel visa? Yep. Some hints that a few countries want to retaliate for the travel ban, but since that ban isn’t happening yet – nothing going on here

So – I’m some comforted that our systems are holding. I still don’t like all of the things the administration WANTS to accomplish. But am some heartened by their inability.

There are troubling things, to be sure – but they fall into the category of “I don’t agree” which I treat differently. Things like:

  1. Rolling back net neutrality
  2. Budget cuts to USAID
  3. Loose language regarding North Korea
  4. An alarming lack of filled administrative positions
  5. A clear desire to make our water and air less clean

I’m not cavalier about these – but want to be super careful about the difference between subverting the constitution and things I just don’t like. I can see that some of these might, in total, rise to the level of subverting the spirit of the constitution. I’m  note sure yet how to measure those, but I’ll keep my eye out!

What worries you these days? How do you measure if those worries are founded? I’m interested, so drop me a note!




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