Day 22: War Remnants, Cu Chi Tunnel – Killing, in Other Words

We were up early to tour the Cu Chi tunnels, just outside of the city. They served as supply chain, home, hiding spots, and ways to attack.

I’m skinny, and I barely fit.

Imagine living in a country at war where your hope and determination for choosing your own government meant that you’d live in a tunnel with little air, water, and rampant disease. Just so you could choose.

I’m simplifying here. But a trip to the War Remnants Museum the same day kept bringing me back to that question.

And it also made me angry: for the entirety of my life we have fucked around in places because we dislike their political system. Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Chile, Iran, Iraq, Cuba. More.

Or maybe it’s because we want what
they have; either way, it’s been a shitty deal for them and for us. (Unless you take the very jaded view that it’s always about money or resources). Even then, I don’t have to modify my language much: It’s been a shitty deal for the poor and middle class on both sides.

Meanwhile, we watched in Rwanda, in Syria, other places, maybe because they didn’t have what we want. I realize this also is an over-simplification; still. When it suits, we drop napalm and agent orange to get what we want (we literally deforested huge swathes of Vietnam – some math expert should send us a carbon tax bill for that). Other times, we idle while more poor and middle class persons are slaughtered and starved.

I don’t have a magic bell to ring to fix it. But more talking and less killing is probably a good start


One Comment to “Day 22: War Remnants, Cu Chi Tunnel – Killing, in Other Words”

  1. Well put Patrick! It is our sentiment
    exactly. Please submit your candidacy while there is time 😉

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