Day 14: Getting to My Tho

Fun day today: cab to the airport, local bus to the bus stop, local bus to the bus station, city bus to My Tho, scooter ride to the hotel.

We took a walk and realized that there aren’t many tourists here – lots of friendly, curious looks.

And more coffee shops than I’ve ever seen. That should make tomorrow morning a good start – there is one on both sides of the hotel!

We stopped for a snack in the afternoon, and chatted with a Vietnamese man home visiting his family (he lives in Melbourne). Fun to hear his story of leaving at 17 to try and carve out a better life, just after the fall of Saigon.

He was a firm believer in freedom, and happy about the open-ness in the current Vietnamese government. He said that if the US fell on hard times, people like him would come to our aid.

Very nice to hear! That said – While it was great to hear his story, I’m not yet convinced that our military intervention was in the best interest of anyone.

I’ve been thinking about the Cold War, and a song that was on the folk circuit.

It’s by Dick Gaughan, called “Think Again”.

The lyric I’ve been humming since my visit to My Lai goes like this:

“If we try with all of our power, can we not find a way to peacefully settle our difference??

I think we can. We just have to try with all of our power.


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