Day 13: The beach at Bai Dai

A rest and relaxation day! We took in the hotel breakfast (alas, not as fine as in Hoi An), went for a coffee, and then headed out to Bai Dai beach, about 28km from town.

The cab ride was quick, so we spent 4 hours swimming, sunning, and drinking beer.

We had dinner at Lantern (fantastic), and then hung out until Gary and Iffet had to start their trip back home to Ipswich.

We met them in 2007 in a marvelous coincidence. All of us were traveling in Turkey, and were in an 8 person van, seating 16 or so.

We chatted a bit, and then travelled together to Kas. It was a terrific stroke of good fortune to meet them, so much so that in 2012 we travelled together in Thailand together.

Our time together in Vietnam was terrific: lots of laughter, adventure, great food and company. Sad to see them go. But know that we’ll see them on another trip in the future.

Next up, a 3 day cycling tour of the Mekong Delta!


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