Days 11 and 12: Hoi An and Nha Trang

Our last day in Hoi An was fantastic: It was Puja’s birthday, and I arranged a Seahawks win for her, which we streamed beginning at 5.30a!

We had breakfast at halftime, and just after we started watching, the awesome staff brought up a birthday cake! And sang! And seemed completely delighted that they were helping celebrate. The best part was that they just figured it out from passport dates.

The cake was delish!

We had arranged for a driver to take us to Madam Khan’s, best Banh Mi in Vietnam, which we saved for the airplane ride.

Next up was marble mountain, a fantastic series of pagodas near Danang. We climbed the steps to the top for the view of the city and the beach.

At the airport we realized that we couldn’t take our lunch past security. As we turned upstream, a seemingly gruff security guard looked at our tickets and pointed us back to security.

We showed him our sandwiches, and he turned from gruff to smiley, and waved us to a place to sit!

Nha Trang is a Russian get away – not my favorite. My experience with Russian tourists is less than stellar; both here and in Thailand I’ve seen them pollute, push their way to the front, yell at the lovely people in both countries, slam their cigarette butts into an otherwise pristine beach.

So – we made sure to find dinner in a place without Russian signage! Delish food, cold beer, and our friends Gary and Iffet!

We spent yesterday at the beach. During cab negotiations, our driver was business like. As we got close to the beach, he kept pointing and smiling and giving us the thumbs up sign.

Even though his English was better than our Vietnamese, it tool us a minute to figure out that he would wait for us. And when we asked him his name, he pointed to his taxi number, and then busted out a giant grin when we took his picture next to the car!

Don’t buy the peanuts on the beach if you are hoping for salty/crunchy. Here, they are boiled and soft, more like a baked bean.

Our driver came to find me at 4 to let me know he was there, and we chatted a bit.

We drove home cleaned up, and went and had another fantastic dinner.

I think this vacation thing will catch on.


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