Day 9: More Hoi An Adventure

Another relaxing day in Hoian. We had a nice breakfast, and then, despite the rain, hoofed it into town to figure out our next travel plans: I want to go visit My Lai, Gary and Iffet to Hue, and Puja was opting for a game day choice.

The first two spots we checked gave me the exact same price for a ride to My Lai and back, which made the final negotiating even easier: At the third shop, I casually displayed the cards from the two previous shops, and quickly got the price I wanted. It was raining hard by them, so we had a tough choice between beer and coffee. Coffee won, and when the rain stopped we walked to the outskirts of town where a man offers to sell us his baby.

He was joking, of course. But it was a sweet moment; he’d been up most of the night and was tired, but clearly delighted with his kid and his sense of humor. As we walked by he said “two dollars for the baby!”, and he laughed out loud when we countered with a dollar.

So good to see the outskirts of town.

We rested by the pool for a bit and then walked 4km to An Bang beach for a fantastic seafood dinner. So good.

We had a cab drop us off in town; we needed the walk home, and I hoped to see the donut lady.

She spotted us first, and said “you again!” with a big smile on her face, already sliding fresh dough into hot oil.

“Number 1 in Vietnam?”, I asked since last night she said she was number one in Hoi An.

“Number two!”, she says with a grin. “Number one in Hanoi.”

Great day.

Tomorrow is the site of the My Lai Massacre for me, a quick solo journey to see a very grim slice of American wrong-doing, although there were some courageous men who stopped it and then told the truth about it.

I’m not sure why I feel so compelled to go, but will write more tomorrow.


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