Day 8: Relaxing in Hoi An

Easy to forget, with all the things to see that a day of less walking and more relaxing is one of the main benefits of being on vacation. So we did that.

The hotel had a great breakfast, and then we walked through the old town at a snail pace. Perfect.

We found our 2nd favorite coffee shop, rested for a bit and then went and found ice cream. We washed that down with some time at the pool, and had a dessert of beach: warm water, a bit of body surfing, some delish fresh rolls, and a beer.

(Today’s beer of choice was 333. So it was fun to order “three, 333’s”. Our hostess and I had a good giggle at that).

The waves didn’t really lend to body surfing, but I managed to ride a few. Dinner was at Miss Ly’s, where we had the “you can only get that here in Hoi An” noodle dish. So good!

On the way home – a fresh donut. Hey, this vacation thing is pretty nice


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