Day 7: Danang and Hoi An

Long train ride (overnight, no sleeping) to Hanoi, which meant we got to see the city wake up for its day: meats and vegetables being sliced and delivered, dishes and streets being washed, kids delivered to school, cyclists using the relative quiet traffic for a workout. Fantastic.

We had our best coffee of the trip, followed by a walk around the lake. Hanoi wakes up early to exercise, and we saw walkers, joggers, arm wavers, weight lifters, hip rotators and line dancers. Puja and Iffet joined in for (I shit you not) The Chicken Dance.

We stopped at a street corner for the best Pho this far, and it reminded me of Than Brothers back home. Way to bring the good stuff to Seattle, Than Brothers!

The flight to Danang was fine, and we opted to walk to the nearest street to find a cab to Hanoi, thus saving about half on the fare!

First stop was Madam Khans for the best Banh My in Vietnam, followed by: Walking until a cold beer seemed due (Larue is the local), followed my walking until we found a place to stay, followed by walking until we found a “grill too own” BBQ joint.

Next up: Exploring Hoi An!


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