Day 6: More Sapa!

Sapa is the freaking fertile crescent of Vietnam. Pumpkin, watermelon, corn, hemp, orange, artichoke, cabbage, wild rice, bok choy. All on top of the stuff we saw yesterday.

We met our guide Ly-Sa again and walked to a Hmo g and Zhou village. It was another 10 mile day; along the way she had a crown for Puja and Iffet, told us about the two villages, stopped to show us a weaving machine, and more.

And everywhere we looked, more rice terraces, pigs, goat, and water buffalo.

Several Hmong and Zhou women followed us in the hopes of selling some hand crafted items. The Force in me was strong and I resisted, but Puja and Iffet both succumbed to the Hmong side.

We had a beer and lunch at the top, and then spent the evening in Sapa town, prior to taking the waking train back to Hanoi to start another adventure.


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