Off for a Vietnam Adventure!

Heading out for a 3 week trip to Vietnam. I was influenced early by Rick Steeves, of the “Europe Through the Backdoor” fame – he said that he never meet anyone coming home from a trip saying that they wished they had packed MORE.

So over the years (and especially when going to a moderate and informal climate) – I’ve figured out how to pack less and less. I’m weighing in at just about 15 lbs of gear for this trip.


It’s surprising what you can fit if you don’t have to carry rain gear or spare shoes!

Besides traveling light – we travel mostly unplanned. So I know that we land in Hanoi, and depart from Ho Chi Minh. And we’ll make the rest up when we land.

It’s fun for us; with packs this light we always have all of our stuff. So if we want to go somewhere on a whim, we don’t have to go back to a hotel, or wait until we’ve completed our reservation.

We’re also meeting friends – first met them on a bus ride in Turkey about 8 years ago, and traveled some with them in Thailand 3 years ago. That first time, they had suitcases. In Thailand large backpacks. Can’t wait to see what they have this time!







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