Koh Tao, and making our way to Bangkok

We made it to Koh Tao and found a near deserted beach place to stay.

On the first morning Puja and I were literally up at the crack of dawn to go diving. But as we walked up the hill to catch our ride we saw his tail lights – he arrived too early!

So, we went for a swim, breakfast, and then went into town with Gary and Iffet. Koh Tao is getting a reputation as another party island, but during the day it is quite nice. We walked the entire main Beach and found a gorgeous spot at the very end where we swam and snorkeled to our hearts content.

(We also booked a dive trip and ferry tickets for our trip towards home.)

Diving the next day was terrific, and very different from our previous dives. The ocean was quite calm, and the boat ride was just a few minutes from shore. Two dives and back to the beach in time for lunch!

We spotted many of the same fish that we had seen previously, but also spotted Christmas worms. They are variable colored worms that sit in and around the anemones and “pop” up and down!

And we saw a moray eel on the move, too – right up close. Very cool (and a bit scary) to see the entire thing and not just the head!

We went back to our quiet beach for one more round of swimming, and I swam with a school of fish that numbered close to 250! We all faced into the current and let the current move us around. Sort of like waiting at a bus stop.

We ended the evening with a Chang beer, our friends and a borrowed guitar. I played while looking out at the waves crash on the beach. As we left, the owner told us that he had heard me playing a Pink Floyd song, so I let him know that I was in Berlin for their epic concert as the Berlin Wall was quite literally coming down. So was he! Tiny world!

We were all up.for the sunset, but the cloud cover prevented us from capturing that on film. It very much felt like our last vacation day, as we are mostly spending the next day and a half getting to Bangkok for the flight home.

We had a final lunch and goodbye ice cream with Gary and Iffet, our good friends and companions for the past two weeks.

We made it to Bangkok in time for a fabulous walk in and around Chinatown, which included duck soup, donuts, and a fried rice noodle dish from one of the famous street food vendors!

Next up – home!


One Comment to “Koh Tao, and making our way to Bangkok”

  1. Just caught up on your travels. What a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing it with us, and happy hols.

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