I lost my wife underwater (for a moment)

But found her shortly thereafter. But you can imagine the feeling of being a new diver, in current, and then not seeing your dive buddy!

There were 4 of us, and while Puja and I were buddies, I was closer to the instructor, and he and I thought that the OTHER instructor was behind her. Note to self: I need to behave more like sticky rice underwater, if you get what I mean.

Turns out that Puja hit an updraft, so when I turned to look, she was no longer in the same plane. Our dive was over and we were just about to start our ascent, so the instructor had me grab the line and wait. Meanwhile, Puja had figured out how to come back down, the photographer had also spotted her, and she joined us on the rope, and we ascended normally.

I don’t think she was in real danger, but there was real risk, even though it didn’t come true. So I will be a far better dive buddy next time.

By the way-motion sickness tablets are awesome! Both of us felt great out there on the high seas. We dove twice, to 32 meters, and saw barracuda, moray eel, grouper, and much more!


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