Post dive day – scooter, curry, jogging and sunburn!

After a day of diving yesterday, we took it easy today: Slept in until 7.30, rented a scooter and drove to Old Town at the far end of the island, had a delish mango and mixed fruit shake, and an equally delish red curry.

Scooter was fun and a bit scary – my first time driving AND we drive on the opposite side of the road here in Thailand. Puja was a good sport and didn’t scream a single time.

Adding gas was sorta fun – took a few minutes to find the gas cap under the seat. And starting it gave us a scare at first – I wasn’t squeezing the brake hard enough and it wouldn’t start. A kind German couple helped us out!

We rode back to our place went for a swim, lay on the beach and then walked out (also on the beach) for dinner. We skipped the BBQ joints (had fabulous grilled barracuda last night) and had green curry instead.

During the day I noticed that my trip back from the dive, where I was doing my best not to vomit, led me to a horribly sloppy sunscreen application. My chest and side look like a fire hydrant. Luckily, they sell aloe, so I am hoping a few liberal applications of that will help.

Oh! Ran for the first time, along the beach. Probably looked quite silly – floppy hat, rash guard to prevent more sun exposure, board shorts. Yep – very hot look!

Oh! Also had a GREAT haircut in Old Town. The barber went all out – I think he used 5 different kinds of clippers, two scissors, and a straight razor!


One Comment to “Post dive day – scooter, curry, jogging and sunburn!”

  1. PCS!! I have to confess it’s been several days since I last checked out your blog, and I’ve had the greatest time catching up this evening on your eatings and doings. Some of us want more details about the food (on the way in, not out, to be clear). I’m really enjoying the ride–keep posting!! Sounds like a delicious time, well-earned and well-told. Thanks for sharing, and love to you and Puja!

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