Dive, barf, dive, barf. Not drowning, waving!

Incredible! Not the barfing, heck – I could do that anywhere. But the diving today was awesome!

The dive shop picked us up at 6, and by 6.45 we were on the water headed to our first dive site, Hin Meang. It was about 2 hours by speedboat, and as we boarded we were offered a delish chocolate croissant. Which you know about from the post title. I will just say that at least it was soft and without sharp edges!

Once we anchored, the boat started to rock, and both Puja and I immediately felt sick. But we made it into the water in style, stepping off of the boat like you see on TV!

We were adding to our training, and were doing a dive to 100 feet. This was only my 5th dive, but I felt great in the water and
down we went!

Oh the fish!!! So many!! So colorful!! Amazing!

Almost an hour later we were rocking on the boat, sitting out our safety interval before the next dive at Hin Hua. Puja felt quite poorly, and while I was queasy, I thought I would make it. But 5 minutes before time to gear up, I had to feed the fish. I decided to divee anyway – under water doesn’t rock in the same way! Puja stayed at the surface, and I went down to complete my fish identification, and I did. 66 feet! Fish! Color! Amazing!

Back on the surface, rock and roll – you get the idea. I was fine until they brought out the food, which everyone said was delish.

It was a LONG ride home. But so worth a bit of stomache upset to be in the water!


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