Come on over here, Thai chili! And bring The Economist!

We spent the day at cooking school – went to the local market and then out to an organic farm. I will note that Puja’s food was in general better than mine. But my Tom Yum soup, green curry, and green papaya salad were all quit tasty. And hot! I aimed for something between “foreigner hot” and “Thai hot”. So good!

And for my Economist reading friends who feel a bit overwhelmed staying current – don’t give up. Keeping up meant that I.was able to hold my own with the Germans, the Swiss, the Swedes, the Londoners and the New Zealanders. We were a.diverse lot!

And I finally mastered saying thank you. At the night market, I handed a vendor a bill and a coin so she would have an easier time making change. And when I thanked her, she gave me a.second look, with an even nicer smile. We could tell she was thinking “who is that white guy that knows the currency and the language?”!

Several pictures follow – of the food, the farm, and Puja!


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