More about Bangkok

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Our first full day in Bangkok was fantastic. Great Thai breakfast at our B and B, and then we walked to the Royal Palace. My sunglasses didn’t survive in my backpack, so first up was getting a set of Prada shades. Yes, I am certain they are the real thing!

We bargained, of course-so much so that the vendor asked us to be quiet about the price!

Puja wrote about the flower market. On the way though, we saw about 30% of the Thai economy in action. They export a ton of things, and we walked past brake rotors, windshield wipers, reading glasses, sewing machines, industrial pumps, scales, and much more. And on one side street, we also spotted scores of vendors repairing and harvesting electronics that we throw away. It was fantastic.

For dinner, we trekked to the Seafood Market, a spot Puja’s mom and dad had visited when they were here. We started with a tuk-tuk ride to the metro, hopped on the sky train, and then really started walking. Puja and I don’t do math or maps the same way, but generally agree on the outcome. So we both thought making a right was a good idea. We were headed to the 24th block, and after walking about half a mile past 23, we saw 21. Shit!

So we turned around and went the other way only to find out that in this part of town they don’t number their blocks sequentially! Back the other way we went!

About a mile and a half later, we made our next turn and discovered that the map was not to scale: what appeared to be (on the map) a turn and sit down was really a turn and walk another mile!

We agreed that we would cab home, and did have a great time, starting with a cold beer and followed by adding our food to a shopping cart and then sending it off to be cooked!

The cab ride home was interesting, as the driver spoke some English but couldn’t read it. So we ended up having him call places on the map.that were in the general vicinity of our place!

All told – a very good day,


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