First Day In Bangkok

Hot and lovely here in Bangkok, and that describes my wife and the weather!

We took the sky train towards town, the subway (called the MRT) and then started walking towards our B and B. No matter that we were walking the wrong way; a kind Thai man and a gripping tuk-tuk ride later, we were much closer! A short walk along one of the canals and we arrived safe and sound.

There is a festival going on so we went to see it. We were just too jet lagged to stay awake for all of the festivities, bit we did get to see an incredible night market go up before our very eyes. Anyone that deals in electricity for a living would have been horrified at the assortment of extension cords and power strips. Since I left my western sensibilities back at home, we dove on in and sampled a flattened fish, chicken skewers, a rice and a noodle dish. A highlight of the evening was the pair of Leo beers we had, sitting on a sidewalk with bunch of guys and two women dressed in, uh, working attire.

It was loud where we were staying, but 24 hours of travel and walking meant we slept for almost 12 hours.

Breakfast here at the B and B was great. Next up? Stay tuned!

Room key. How cool.


2 Comments to “First Day In Bangkok”

  1. just who do I call on my drive to work?

  2. This looks like an awesome trip, Pat. Looking forward to living vicariously through you and Puja over the next few weeks. BTW, what’s with the name “Jack” on the hotel key? Your new travel identity perhaps?

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