Tiny Thailand Packing List!

Puja and I are off for Thailand soon, and we’ve been refining our packing lists. We generally travel light anyway – but since we’re going somewhere warm, with just one general climate (weather should be hovering in the 70’s to 80’s the whole time we are there) – we are packing even lighter than normal.

Thailand Backpack

This might also double as my day bag, it is so small!

I last took this pack to Germany, when my brother Frank and I spent 8 days there – and that worked out just fine. There isn’t much room for extras, which is just how I like it. If I discover that I’ve missed something – chances are good we’ll by able to pick it up somewhere in Thailand! What’s your must have travel item? Leave a comment and let me know about the one thing you won’t leave home without!

I’ll be posting as often as I can – wireless hot spots, where we come!


3 Comments to “Tiny Thailand Packing List!”

  1. Wow. Do you even have room in there for your garment steamer? Oh wait. Thailand. You can just stand outside in your wrinkled clothes for 2 minutes. Have a ball! Who’s watching your beer while you’re gone?

  2. Ah – the beer plan has been thought out – putting 15 gallons in kegs so when we land we’ll have our choice of delicious beer!

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