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May 9, 2011

Solo Wedding

I mean that in two ways – I went to a wedding by myself (by which I mean to say that my wife didn’t attend – there were other people at the wedding) and I was the only musician. It was fun – reminded me a bit of how my travel used to look before I was married – fun to re-visit that sort of trip while also knowing that the being married part is way more fun than not!

Had a buddy getting married in Oakland – so I flew down late on Friday – just me and a guitar and a day bag. Got to Oakland, found a shuttle to Jack London square, got checked in, had a little scotch (who knew that a flask (Ardbeg 10 if you must know) would fit so nicely in my guitar case?)

It had been a long day at work – which meant that I only had a burger for lunch and dinner – although my wife did sneak a half of a cookie in with my bag –so – cookie and scotch for dinner at midnight was they way dinner turned out!

I was up early the next morning by habit – took some time to tune up my guitar, make sure I knew all of the music I was going to play, and then I decided to head out for a 3 or 4 mile run. According to the map, it looked like Lake Merit was about the right distance, so off I went:


Funny, how a couple of hills and a few wrong turns later – and it was a 10 miler instead! Good thing I’d stopped at Blue Bottle coffee for a cup and a bit of coffee cake before I hit the road. (Christen was sure that I kept saying “blue balls coffee”, which sounds sort of disgusting. Maybe that’s what happens if you have too much coffee!)

By the time I was finished running, I had just enough time to grab some food at the hotel – Miss Pearl’s Jam House – before I had to change into my nice duds and head out to the wedding.


The wedding was a ton of fun – it was at Mua Lounge,  a fun and funky warehouse type of building. The ceremony was lovely – short, warm, intimate – just what you’d want in a wedding. I played some tunes that had never before been aired at a wedding (Sosbury Hill, for one), and after the wedding, got to hang out with a bunch of friends.

The after party was a blast, too – more guitar (and more guitar players) which meant for a bunch of singing. And. to my surprise – there was also some tasty single malt! Not a bad way to spend an evening.

I woke early again on Sunday and decided to get in a 3 miler before the accumulated scotch, wedding food, late night and standing for 8 hours caught up with me. This time I looked at a map, and was able to find Lake Merit:


I was pretty tired from all of the standing, and it was surprisingly windy – but I knew that when I got home I’d be able to grab a coffee and then spend some time with friends in Sausalito – so I hoofed around the lake at a good clip, picked up some Blue Bottle coffee and then caught the ferry to San Francisco’s Ferry Building.

I had about 90 minutes to kill, so I MAYBE had another coffee. And then sat on a bench in the sunshine, watched the light shine on the water, and then caught another ferry on over to Sausalito.

We drove through town, headed out to the park, and then had a burger and a beer in the sunshine.  A pretty good way to spend a Sunday, if you ask me!

But – definitely happy to be home!