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September 19, 2010

Don’t Go to Canada in a Westfalia

That’s right. We’re just back from a trip to the Canadian Rockies, in a rented Westfalia converted Volkswagen. I’ll spare you the gory details, and get right to the offer:

  • If you have one, I’ll take the miserable thing off of your hands for a small fee (you pay me, I mean)
  • If you’re neighbors have one, I’ll take theirs for a slightly larger fee (charity only extends so far)
  • If you have relatives that have one, I’ll take that, too. But only if you really love your relatives (otherwise, you should let them suffer)

I mean, who would want a pop top camper? It was fun to drive. It had a propane stove. Cold water. Sleeps 4 pretty comfortably. With the top up, you could play cards, make dinner, brew some coffee. There was plenty of storage. When it was wet and rainy, we didn’t have to set up camp. We didn’t have to pay an extra fee to find a campsite, get on a ferry, or find parking. Every other Westy owner we spotted shot us a peace sign. We rode leisurely up the hills, which improved our sightseeing.

The list goes on and on. As you can tell – a total mistake for us and our Australian friends to spend 2 weeks driving around one of the prettiest parts of the world. I can imagine how much more fun we would have had in a small car, eating fast food all of the time, busting out our credit cards for hotels, packing and unpacking tents in the cold and the rain. How exciting it would have been to never stand up, to drink crappy coffee, to have no room for my guitar.

That’s right. Totally miserable. Here are some pictures to prove how awful it was:

image  image
image image
image image
September 12, 2010

A rainy day in whistler

Is better than a day almost anywhere else.

September 12, 2010

Westfalia through the Rockies!!

Having a great time with our friends from Australia and our 1985 Vanagon/Westfalia. Amazing scenery, including the Athabasca glacier, incredible water falls, lakes, rivers and streams. Just driving is a jaw dropping event it is so pretty.

Next up: a bit more of Whistler, then Victoria and Galiano!!

September 5, 2010

Westie is great!

Our Westfalia van is a total blast. Fits all of our stuff and seems in good shape. We will put it to the test tomorrow!!

September 5, 2010

Vancouver bound

On the way to the border sonar can get our driving vacation underway. Hope everything fits in the Westfalia, especially the guitar and the fresh coffee fixings!

September 4, 2010

Vacation at last

Headed out for a Westfalia camping trip through Northern BC! Can’t wait to see how the van works, and all of the sights along the way!