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January 2, 2010

Run at a Glance

The software I use to keep track of my running endeavors has a button called “year at a glance”, so I pressed it today – thought I’d check and see if the software matched up with my sense of how my running in 2009 turnout out – and  – it appears to be a pretty good match. Either the software is really good, or I’ve been faithful with my data entry!

In any case – here are some highlights:

  • Total miles: 1,107
  • Running time: 168.49.52
  • # of runs: 240
  • Top mileage month: May (131 miles. Sounds like a lot, but the fast do that much each week!)
  • Low mileage month: January (Hmm. Nothing like getting the year off to a good start, eh?)

I poked around a bit further. For some reason, I’ve been thinking more about the last decade than just last year. Turns out – I can look at the entire decade at a glance with this button. I should have pressed that button earlier in the decade – here’s what I found:

  • Total miles: 9,621 (I could have made up 400 miles if I’d noticed earlier!)
  • Total Time: 1,367:43::37

Unfortunately, my life doesn’t  have a “decade at a glance” button – but over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about the changes since I partied like it was 1999:

  • Got married!
  • Bought a house!
  • Went from zero to TWO dogs!
  • Moved into my forties!
  • Had 4 jobs (which seems like a lot, but not really: I finished almost 12 years at one, had a transitional job for 18 months, was at another place of work almost 7 years, and recently started a new job)!
  • Picked up my first cell phone!
  • Played a TON of music (weddings, funerals, shows, rock and roll, and some stuff in between)!
  • Became a one car family!
  • Ran 4 marathons!

And a lot more, but not countable, if you get what I mean:

How do you quantify dinners with friends? What’s the total for good relationships? How about job stability, quality of living? Those defy sum, average, pace. They aren’t about speed (but may be about endurance). But they are the important stuff, I think, the stuff that matters.

Sure – I love to run, and I enjoy being geeky with counting how far, how often, how many. But the real blessings of the last decade were the human ones. Many of those DID happen while running – sometimes with my brother Frank, sometimes with my wife on her bicycle keeping me company, sometimes during races. But most often – it was simple meals, music around the dining room, a tip about a great book, a kind ear when in need, or someone that cared enough to ask for my best.  Or a glass of wine, or a sip of scotch, or a a challenging project at work that required team work to solve.

So – in this new decade – I’ll keep running. And I’ll keep counting. And I’ll keep looking for all of the goodness that this life has to offer that defies summation!