A Thousand Miles

Looks like I am on track to clock 1,000 running miles this year – my best total for some time. Turns out that the more you run (provided you stay injury free) the faster you get. I took a quick peek at my running log to see how I’m comparing to last year – and I’m already ahead by almost 100 miles.

That sounds pretty good – but back in 2002-2004, I was running well over a thousand miles a year, and peaked at 1,600 miles in 2004.

2005 was off to a good start, I ran the Boston marathon – and then I happened to meet my wife, moved, my dad passed away – so it was a year that was full of unexpected surprises, and I ran a lot less.

2006 was better. 2007 was worse (although I swam and rode a lot getting ready for a tri – so I can’t really compare) and 2008 was better still.

How does that old saying go? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step? Well – I took that step on January 1 in Manhattan (despite the snow, or maybe because of it) and I’ll finish in December. Not bad. And while my mileage has varied a fair bit month to month – the cumulative miles show that each month has been faster than the last, from a slow of an 8.07 average to this month, where I’m averaging a 7.33 pace so far.

So – whatever your goals – get started! Effort upon effort most often yields results!


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