Mountains to Sound – Preview!

Tomorrow is the 4th annual Mountains to Sound Relay race – and my team will be racing for the fourth time. Not all us, mind you, you see . . .

We have a Spinal Tap like team – we’ve a trio (me, my brother Frank, and our friend Joe L) who have raced every year. Phillip is almost a 4 year veteran – he joined us for year two (on the mountain bike stage). But the road cyclist? Yep – a new one every year. And a tough act to follow, I might add, as each year has brought us a speedier road rider! We’ll see if we can maintain the streak.

And it looks like the MTS weather pattern is holding true to form as well – very not one year, mild the next. And that’s good news – last year the hot topped out near the 90 degree mark, making for very unpleasant racing conditions. Add in a nasty headwind for the last 6 miles to make the unpleasant racing conditions downright evil.

We finished 9th last year, and are hoping to crack the top ten again this year. I’m in better 10k shape than I was last year, and Frank is in better half marathon shape – also good.

But Phillip discovered a crack in his bike frame – so he’ll be on a borrowed or a fixed gear bike – so – although we know that we’ll get a great effort – we don’t know what it might mean in terms of time!

So – check back tomorrow (or maybe the next day) for results. Our team name is Faster Than Last Year – hope that holds true!


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