Better Than Last Year

Today was a good day for running – I have running software that lets me know how I did compared to last month and to last year.

One of my plans for 2009 was to clock more miles – and while I’ve been steady – last year I was training for a marathon, and this year, for a 10k – so I didn’t know how I’d compare to last year.

Turns out (no surprise here) that steady wins: Last year, although my brother and me were getting in nice long runs (think 15-20 miles on a weekend) – I wasn’t getting much mileage outside of that long run.

This year I am – and –today I surpassed both my comparison to last May (108.25 this May, compared to 47.2 last) and last year to date. Thus far this year I’ve covered 444 miles, and last year to date, 441.

It was today’s 5.5 miler that put me ahead in both categories.  If I can keep it up – I should end 2009 in better shape than in 2008!


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