Another Trip Across The Bridge

I ran in the annual Nordstrom Beat the Bridge race on Sunday – I think I may have just hit the mark for running the same race 20 times! I don’t know for sure, because the first few times I ran – I wasn’t yet a runner, so I didn’t keep track. But I have 16 race tags stashed away in my racing folder – so I bet I’m close to 20.

This year was similar but different: I jogged 4.5 miles to the start line, met my brother (but we didn’t race together, since he’s training for a half marathon and me a 10k), and then we jogged back to his house at the end – for a total of a 13 mile day for me.

I raced in Victoria a few weeks ago (a 10k), and managed a 6.34 pace, so I wanted to be faster at the shorter 8k distance. I was – but not by much! I finished this year at a 6.29 pace. I’d secretly hoped that either I’d be FASTER or that I’d FEEL better. Alas –some days you get the race you get rather than the race you want!

Here’s what has been steady about the BTB race all of these years:

  • Mile markers are always off
  • Slow runners start at the front to see if they can beat the bridge
  • The race raises a LOT of money for Juvenile diabetes
  • The finish line is on the track at Husky Stadium (but never in the same spot)

And the stuff that’s different:

  • Runners are all getting slower – average time is increasing
  • Guys my age are finally slowing down a bit – but not much!
  • Looks like running is on the rise – more runners every year since 2006

And some fun stats by Place:

  • My best place overall was 94th, in 2004
  • My best finish by gender was 78th, in 2004
  • My best finish in my age group was this year – 9th! (but I’ve also been 10th, 11th, and 12th)
  • I finished 101 in my gender twice

And some stats by Percentage:

  • My top finish overall was in 2004 – top 2%
  • My top finish by gender was 2004 and 2008 – top 4% – even though I was slower in 2008 by 52 seconds
  • My top finish by division was 2004 – top 4%

And if this isn’t indulgent enough – I’ve written about the race a LOT:


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