10K Race Results – in Kilometers!

I’m just back from the Times Colonist 10k – it turned out to be a good day for running, and a good day for re-learning lessons, too!

The good stuff first: I finished at 40.45 – that’s a 6.34/mile pace – a tad better than I’d expected. And I cracked the top 20 in my division which is great. But lest you think overmuch about that – they guy that one my division finished in 32.04. As I suspected – those tough old bastards aren’t slowing down very much!

This was my first race where I focused on the kilometer marks rather than the mile marks – and – lots to like about that:

  • The math is easier (no pesky 6.2 miles to deal with)
  • You get to see how you’re doing more often
  • You get to press the button more often – so the sense of progress helps!

On the other hand:

  • A 4.20 first Km didn’t mean much to be save for “I’m behind”
  • Pressing the lap button on the first Km still left me with 9 more to go!

Turns out – that first Km was slow mostly due to the crowd –so I sped up a fair bit to make up time. And I actually dropped into the sub 4/km pace (in the 6.15 to 6.20 range).

That meant that I probably went out a little too fast – when I hit the rollers (can’t really call them hills) I slowed to a 6.40-6.48 pace, and was worried that I might KEEP slowing. I was keeping my eye on my heart rate though, and I knew I had a little bit of room still. And after those rollers – the course evened out.

So – I was able to dip into the 6.18 pace for that 8th Km, slowed on the 9th (another little roller), and then finished with a 6.24 pace. All told – pretty good. Better if I’d been able to start a tad more slowly and SPEED UP into the race – but – I’ll take it!


I also reviewed my heart rate data – one of the ways I can measure if I started too fast is my capacity to increase my heart rate through to the end. And that turned out for me today, after all – although I cranked my heart rate up pretty fast – the highest numbers came in the last Km:



And then the final details – compared to the field!

I finished:

  • 275/9932 overall
  • 236/3948 in my division (men)
  • 19/425 in my age group


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