10k Tune Up

I’m in Victoria for the Times Colonist 10k – there should be as many as 13,000 runners – I don’t think I’ve been in a race that big for awhile!

I’m training for a speedy 10k in June – my annual Mountains to Sound Relay race. We came in 9th last year, and we’d like to stay in the top ten – which means that my brother Frank and I both have to run faster. (The other guys on our team all cranked out top ten finishes last year –so they just need to maintain!)

Anyway – I’ll be running in kilometers instead of miles – and – I’m starting to get why that is easy, from a match perspective. My wife set up a nice spreadsheet – I can enter my desired pace in miles, which is how I normally measure – and it tells me my pace for 1,000 meters.

Turns out that a 10k is a great way to get used to the metric system. I would like to run a 6.30 or 6.40 pace – which means I need to hit each KM at a 4.02 – 4.09 pace. If I were tracking that in miles, I’d have to figure out how to accommodate that last almost quarter of a mile.

But with the metric system – I just run each KM at a 4.02 pace or so – no extra match required. And here’s the other cool part – if I run in that window – it will be pretty easy to keep track of my over/under. If I run a 4.00 – I’m up by 2 seconds. Easy to keep track of those – since when I get to the last KM – I’ll know how many I am under or over. Nice.

Anyway – the course should be flat, I’ve got my girl and my in-laws to do some cheering, and my dog will be happy with me no matter how fast I run. I hope the weather holds – would be nice to have a dry day!


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