Musical Week!

I’ll have to write more about each of these in a bit – but for now – check out how lucky I am:

On Saturday, I saw Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at Nectar in Fremont. Think roots rock/folk/southwestern rock – all rolled into a show with great stage presence. Hard to argue with a guy who finishes the show by saying (like he means in” “thanks for the honor of your presence”. Good stuff.

Tuesday was the Vienna Teng show at the Triple Door. Holy crap – what a great show. I’ve seen her four times or so – and even had a chance to help with her video shoot on Whidbey Island. The show started with a great opening act (the paper raincoats), and then Vienna sang a bunch of songs from all of her records, including the new one. Great songwriting, performance, band – really – the whole enchilada. When she sings, I can see the melody.

And on Wednesday – The Killers. Another great show –this time – over the top, but not over the top arena rock. Really good sound, and intense stage presence.

If that doesn’t make for a great musical triple play, I don’t know what does. Stay tuned for more about each!


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