First Week Under My Belt!

I’ve wrapped up my first week of work for Denny Mountain Media – so far – pretty great!

I’m having a gentle start – lots and lots of reading about past projects, our agency, our customers and so on – and since we’re all virtual – am also responsible for setting up my workspace, getting my phone and calendar all in sync and so on.

Next week will include some additional strategy meetings, some more getting on board stuff, and meeting with customers. And probably a coffee shop or two . . .

Working at home is great – I have a comfortable space and a lot of good technology right here at my desk.  You’ll notice that I have THREE monitors up, and a spot for my work laptop (I decided to put it away for the weekend – seems to me like I should get in the habit of working during the work week and not working on the weekend!).

pcs office

I found a nifty tool called MaxiVista – it lets my use one keyboard and mouse combo to control my desktop (which has two monitors), my Tablet, and my work laptop. In addition – I can extend my screen from one to the next if I wish – great for large spreadsheets and so on!

I’m still experimenting with the right way to handle multiple phones and email accounts – I’ve been a firm believer that I should maintain a single calendar and to do list –yet  with multiple email accounts and phones – I’m sure I’ll have to think of something creative.

In any case – I‘ve also set things up so that I can unplug my laptop and hit the road for meetings or a change in scenery. To date, that’s meant some time at Herkimer’s, Zokas, and Victrola – I’m still figuring out how much coffee I need to purchase to feel I’m not mooching and taking up space!


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