Working From Home

I’ve started a new job, and am pretty excited about it – the people I’m working with at Denny Mountain Media remind me a lot of the importance of office and corporate culture. In short order (I’m headed on to day three tomorrow), I’ve been reminded a LOT to ask questions, to provide an outsider view, have been encouraged to see things that could be different – and all in a confident manner.

I love that – I’m convinced that the heart of self confidence is the capacity to be comfortable not knowing something. As a matter of fact – the sooner you’re able to identify that learning gap  -the sooner you can close it!

Don’t get me wrong – the team I’ve joined knows a LOT. But it is refreshing to have joined and to know that a part of the culture is about closing knowledge gaps, about applying a sense of humor when possible, and in encouraging hard work and learning.

And funny to talk about office culture – because we’re all virtual! That’s right – I’m leveraging both my inner tech geekiness and my love of coffee! I know I’ll have a lot to learn about telework – but so far –so good! Up at the usual time, shower, shave (at least as often as I ever shave), drop of Puja at work.

On day one – I headed home, fired up the laptop and the desktop and was on the learning curve by 8:00 AM. I worked until lunch, stepped into the next room for lunch, and then packed the laptop down the street for a coffee, some wireless and some more learning.

Day Two was different – after dropping Puja at work – I headed to another coffee shop, and settled in for a couple of hours of work, met one of my new co-workers for a meeting, had lunch with a buddy (working lunch – he knows more about SharePoint than many – and it was great to pick his brain), and then spent the rest of the day at home with the laptop, the desktop and my dog.

I know that different people have different needs when working from home – and I know that I’ll find out how much routine is good, how to vary it for sanity, if I need to wear pants and all of those sorts of things.

In the meantime – if you have work from home experience –send me a note!


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