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April 26, 2009

10K Race Results – in Kilometers!

I’m just back from the Times Colonist 10k – it turned out to be a good day for running, and a good day for re-learning lessons, too!

The good stuff first: I finished at 40.45 – that’s a 6.34/mile pace – a tad better than I’d expected. And I cracked the top 20 in my division which is great. But lest you think overmuch about that – they guy that one my division finished in 32.04. As I suspected – those tough old bastards aren’t slowing down very much!

This was my first race where I focused on the kilometer marks rather than the mile marks – and – lots to like about that:

  • The math is easier (no pesky 6.2 miles to deal with)
  • You get to see how you’re doing more often
  • You get to press the button more often – so the sense of progress helps!

On the other hand:

  • A 4.20 first Km didn’t mean much to be save for “I’m behind”
  • Pressing the lap button on the first Km still left me with 9 more to go!

Turns out – that first Km was slow mostly due to the crowd –so I sped up a fair bit to make up time. And I actually dropped into the sub 4/km pace (in the 6.15 to 6.20 range).

That meant that I probably went out a little too fast – when I hit the rollers (can’t really call them hills) I slowed to a 6.40-6.48 pace, and was worried that I might KEEP slowing. I was keeping my eye on my heart rate though, and I knew I had a little bit of room still. And after those rollers – the course evened out.

So – I was able to dip into the 6.18 pace for that 8th Km, slowed on the 9th (another little roller), and then finished with a 6.24 pace. All told – pretty good. Better if I’d been able to start a tad more slowly and SPEED UP into the race – but – I’ll take it!


I also reviewed my heart rate data – one of the ways I can measure if I started too fast is my capacity to increase my heart rate through to the end. And that turned out for me today, after all – although I cranked my heart rate up pretty fast – the highest numbers came in the last Km:



And then the final details – compared to the field!

I finished:

  • 275/9932 overall
  • 236/3948 in my division (men)
  • 19/425 in my age group

April 25, 2009

10k Tune Up

I’m in Victoria for the Times Colonist 10k – there should be as many as 13,000 runners – I don’t think I’ve been in a race that big for awhile!

I’m training for a speedy 10k in June – my annual Mountains to Sound Relay race. We came in 9th last year, and we’d like to stay in the top ten – which means that my brother Frank and I both have to run faster. (The other guys on our team all cranked out top ten finishes last year –so they just need to maintain!)

Anyway – I’ll be running in kilometers instead of miles – and – I’m starting to get why that is easy, from a match perspective. My wife set up a nice spreadsheet – I can enter my desired pace in miles, which is how I normally measure – and it tells me my pace for 1,000 meters.

Turns out that a 10k is a great way to get used to the metric system. I would like to run a 6.30 or 6.40 pace – which means I need to hit each KM at a 4.02 – 4.09 pace. If I were tracking that in miles, I’d have to figure out how to accommodate that last almost quarter of a mile.

But with the metric system – I just run each KM at a 4.02 pace or so – no extra match required. And here’s the other cool part – if I run in that window – it will be pretty easy to keep track of my over/under. If I run a 4.00 – I’m up by 2 seconds. Easy to keep track of those – since when I get to the last KM – I’ll know how many I am under or over. Nice.

Anyway – the course should be flat, I’ve got my girl and my in-laws to do some cheering, and my dog will be happy with me no matter how fast I run. I hope the weather holds – would be nice to have a dry day!

April 23, 2009

Musical Week!

I’ll have to write more about each of these in a bit – but for now – check out how lucky I am:

On Saturday, I saw Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers at Nectar in Fremont. Think roots rock/folk/southwestern rock – all rolled into a show with great stage presence. Hard to argue with a guy who finishes the show by saying (like he means in” “thanks for the honor of your presence”. Good stuff.

Tuesday was the Vienna Teng show at the Triple Door. Holy crap – what a great show. I’ve seen her four times or so – and even had a chance to help with her video shoot on Whidbey Island. The show started with a great opening act (the paper raincoats), and then Vienna sang a bunch of songs from all of her records, including the new one. Great songwriting, performance, band – really – the whole enchilada. When she sings, I can see the melody.

And on Wednesday – The Killers. Another great show –this time – over the top, but not over the top arena rock. Really good sound, and intense stage presence.

If that doesn’t make for a great musical triple play, I don’t know what does. Stay tuned for more about each!

April 18, 2009

First Week Under My Belt!

I’ve wrapped up my first week of work for Denny Mountain Media – so far – pretty great!

I’m having a gentle start – lots and lots of reading about past projects, our agency, our customers and so on – and since we’re all virtual – am also responsible for setting up my workspace, getting my phone and calendar all in sync and so on.

Next week will include some additional strategy meetings, some more getting on board stuff, and meeting with customers. And probably a coffee shop or two . . .

Working at home is great – I have a comfortable space and a lot of good technology right here at my desk.  You’ll notice that I have THREE monitors up, and a spot for my work laptop (I decided to put it away for the weekend – seems to me like I should get in the habit of working during the work week and not working on the weekend!).

pcs office

I found a nifty tool called MaxiVista – it lets my use one keyboard and mouse combo to control my desktop (which has two monitors), my Tablet, and my work laptop. In addition – I can extend my screen from one to the next if I wish – great for large spreadsheets and so on!

I’m still experimenting with the right way to handle multiple phones and email accounts – I’ve been a firm believer that I should maintain a single calendar and to do list –yet  with multiple email accounts and phones – I’m sure I’ll have to think of something creative.

In any case – I‘ve also set things up so that I can unplug my laptop and hit the road for meetings or a change in scenery. To date, that’s meant some time at Herkimer’s, Zokas, and Victrola – I’m still figuring out how much coffee I need to purchase to feel I’m not mooching and taking up space!

April 14, 2009

Working From Home

I’ve started a new job, and am pretty excited about it – the people I’m working with at Denny Mountain Media remind me a lot of the importance of office and corporate culture. In short order (I’m headed on to day three tomorrow), I’ve been reminded a LOT to ask questions, to provide an outsider view, have been encouraged to see things that could be different – and all in a confident manner.

I love that – I’m convinced that the heart of self confidence is the capacity to be comfortable not knowing something. As a matter of fact – the sooner you’re able to identify that learning gap  -the sooner you can close it!

Don’t get me wrong – the team I’ve joined knows a LOT. But it is refreshing to have joined and to know that a part of the culture is about closing knowledge gaps, about applying a sense of humor when possible, and in encouraging hard work and learning.

And funny to talk about office culture – because we’re all virtual! That’s right – I’m leveraging both my inner tech geekiness and my love of coffee! I know I’ll have a lot to learn about telework – but so far –so good! Up at the usual time, shower, shave (at least as often as I ever shave), drop of Puja at work.

On day one – I headed home, fired up the laptop and the desktop and was on the learning curve by 8:00 AM. I worked until lunch, stepped into the next room for lunch, and then packed the laptop down the street for a coffee, some wireless and some more learning.

Day Two was different – after dropping Puja at work – I headed to another coffee shop, and settled in for a couple of hours of work, met one of my new co-workers for a meeting, had lunch with a buddy (working lunch – he knows more about SharePoint than many – and it was great to pick his brain), and then spent the rest of the day at home with the laptop, the desktop and my dog.

I know that different people have different needs when working from home – and I know that I’ll find out how much routine is good, how to vary it for sanity, if I need to wear pants and all of those sorts of things.

In the meantime – if you have work from home experience –send me a note!