Civic Duty? I think so!

I’m serving on a jury right now – and while I can’t say much more about the case than that (rest assured that I’ll say a LOT about it when it is over!), I was both surprised and disappointed at the attitude of my fellow (and prospective) jurors.

My trial will probably last 3 weeks  – and you know – that’s a long time away from work (which for me means late nights, early mornings, and feverishly checking on things by phone and email when on a jury break).

Some of the prospective jurors just didn’t feel like participating. To be sure – it’s a hassle. But – it could be you or me asking for judgement by our peers  -and I don’t know that I would consider all of those folks my peers: selfish, narrow minded, impatient, not willing to participate.

As they were being dismissed, the judge thanked them for their time, and noted that being dismissed didn’t reflect on those individuals. I disagree – I think they missed a core element of citizenship somewhere.

You don’t serve on jury duty (or pay your taxes, or get your kids vaccinated, or pick up after your dog) for YOU – you do it for your community.

That sounds odd these, days – but it’s true. Our economies, our climates, our work, our neighborhoods, our attitudes – they are increasingly and inextricably linked. And that’s (by and large) a good thing.

So – when YOU get summoned for jury duty – show up. Keep an open mind. Think about the rule of law, and the opportunity it affords us. And stay in your seat!


2 Comments to “Civic Duty? I think so!”

  1. I\’m called for jury duty later this month and am both intrigued and apprehensive. Intrigued because, like you, I consider it my civic duty and I\’ve never been called before. Apprehensive because, unlike you, there\’s NOBODY to back me up at work. If I spend all day in a courtroom, I\’m going to have to spend all night at the computer catching up on e-mails, voice-mails, prepping Sunday service, baptism class, Wednesday night Bible study, etc. And that doesn\’t cover my various committee assignments, etc.So, pray I get an easy one — one week in and done. 🙂

  2. This is my FOURTH trip – first three I didn\’t even get placed. Last one was about 3 days total. This one will be YIKES three weeks!

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