Consistency Matters

In a lot of areas. In the last few days, I realized that:

  • Consistency matters with friends. I went to a Christmas Party (postponed due to the snow) and realized that I’ve been staying current with some of those folks since I was in college. Good to be known in that long term way.
  • And it matters with technology. One of my buddies helped me think through solving a tech problem. Ooh, sure, we talked geeky stuff about routers, and subnet masks, and gateways and so on. But the most valuable help was that my friend Greg knows just how much I know – so he can help me learn a little along the way. And yes – problem is on the way to being solved.
  • And it matters with exercise. The last half of December and the first half of January were tough for exercise – but after a conscious effort – I’m back at it. I have four weeks under my belt of consistent, regular exercise – and I’m starting to feel good. Not fast, not in racing shape – but the furnace is getting turned up, if you get what I mean. I’m hungry for more.
  • And it matters with tortillas! That’s right – if you want to make a good tortilla – the dough needs to e just so, the griddle needs to be the right heat, and the tortillas have to be rolled to the right consistency!

So – here’s to a bit more of that – a bit more exercise, more attention to detail, and more appreciation for my community.


3 Comments to “Consistency Matters”

  1. OK, so I know that you know that I think you\’re a little nuts with all this exercise stuff… but check out my sister-in-law\’s regimen that she\’s posted at her blog — She\’s in training with her husband for a triathalon (or something like that) for the Leukemia Society.You guys may outnumber me but you\’ll never take me alive, I tell you!Chris

  2. That training plan looks like fun to me! I thought I saw you today on the Interurban trail, walking along. I\’m at jury duty – so – figured it probably wasn\’t you!

  3. Nope, didn\’t get to take my walk today. That\’s two days in a row for the first time in several weeks (speaking of consistency…) Just too many people needed a piece of me today.

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