Router Help!

Okay – am trying to use my main router (A Linksys WRT55A+G) for most traffic.

And a second one as a client – connected to my Xbox. That’s a WRT54G.

The idea is that I can take the second one, put it on a subnet, pipe the wireless signal to the LAN, and then just plug it in to the Xbox. Word on the street is that I’ll get better performance that way.

Here’s how the main router is set up:




And I adjusted the advanced routing, too:


Then I’m supposed to translate these settings in such a way that the 2nd router (the client). So far, this is what I have on the 2nd one, that is on a subnet ( and then THAT router hands out DHCP addresses to the WAN port.

(Screen shots coming!)


2 Comments to “Router Help!”

  1. Man, and I thought I didn\’t understand when you talked about running….. 🙂

  2. Yeah – pretty geeky. Truth is that I don\’t understand this very much either – but some of my friends do!

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