Striptease or Drop Your Keys?

My brother and I decided to make up a new running route today – when you’re going a long way – that’s one of the things you can do to keep motivated: make an educated guess about far a loop might be, and then go out and run it.

To that end – we met downtown at the Frankfurter (waterfront and Spring), and ran through the park towards Magnolia, and then crossed the Ballard Bridge to Nickerson so we could run along the Fremont canal.

Somewhere along the way, I had to stop and adjust my shoes. I busted my toe yesterday, and although it didn’t hurt so much today (stairs were hard yesterday) I wanted to make sure it wasn’t turning a new color or getting ready to fall off.

So we stopped, Frank stretched, I checked out my toes, and then off we went. About a mile later, just as we were nearing Ponti/Nickerson Saloon Area, a guy comes racing up on his bike, from behind us.

I was pretty sure he said something about asking us if we wanted a striptease, and I did a double take – we both had on long sleeve shirts and modest shorts – it’s February and cold, after all.

What he really said, though, was “I think you dropped your keys?” – and pulled my car keys out of his pocket and headed back the way he’d came.

A pedestrian coming the other way broke into an enormous smile – she saw the 15 second transaction and seemed as glad to have seen such a common courtesy (that doesn’t seem all that common sometimes) as we were to get the keys back – particularly since we were at mile 7, and I don’t know when I might have spotted that I wasn’t carrying them.

And here’s the other thing I noticed: The guy with my keys? He didn’t look like he was out for a ride. Street clothes and so on – so – my guess is that we sat down to stretch and he saw us, spotted the keys in the dirt (sharp eyes) and then went and got a bike and came after us. That’s pretty neat.


2 Comments to “Striptease or Drop Your Keys?”

  1. That\’s a pretty darn cool story. And, after your revelation last week about how many times you\’d been naked in public, not at all what I expected when I saw the headline…Chris

  2. yeah – you know – the kindness of strangers gets me every time. It\’s a good world.

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