25 things About me

I spend a bit of time over on Facebook – I’ve been surprised by that tool in some ways – I’d initially (perhaps snobbily) thought it was just another iteration of Friendster or MySpace, and wasn’t so interested. But I decided to create an account to see what I could see.

What I like is that a quick glance every couple of days makes me feel like I know what my community is up to – and that’s pretty neat. Recently, Facebook users have been posting a list of 25 things about them for others to peruse. It struck me at first like a chain letter – until I read what one of my friends had written – and I thought I’d add my list of 25, too.

  1. I ran in the Bare Buns Fun Run, a 3k race near Tiger Mountain. There were approximately 200 runners, and while the race was “clothing optional” – most runners were naked, or were topless or bottomless. Not much jostling for position at the start line, but a lot of jostling, if you get what I mean. Tough to figure out what to do with the race tag: Fold it in half? Perhaps shape like a hot dog bun? I finished about top 10, and was chagrined to recognize they guy in front of me . . . Because of his pony tail. He was a local postman. Yes, there were a couple of spots that needed sun screen that didn’t get lubed up –because it didn’t seem, ah, appropriate to do that in public, and those aren’t spots that generally need sunscreen. Only a few people looked great – the rest of us – a tad too skinny, too fat, or just shaped funny. Best part was that they gave out a T-shirt to all of the finishers.
  1. I delivered the San Francisco Chronicle when I was a kid – with a family of 7 (5 kids) – that was about the only time you could ever be alone. Up at 3.30 or 4 to get the papers, fold them, get them loaded on the bike. I loved it. Back home to take a quick little cat nap before heading off to school. I didn’t make much money, but it set the stage for feeling adventurous, for learning how to handle money, and for learning bike handling skills. Oh – and I got to read the paper every day, too.
  1. I was tongue tied as a kid – needed to have a frenectomy to fix it. It didn’t matter so much at first, save for not being able to stick out my tongue or master the ‘r’ roll required for speaking Spanish. I had it snipped by my dentist when I noticed that dating was nigh. Whew! Saved by a pair of scissors!
  1. I had an American Express card when I was 21. Even though I was earning a paltry $14,000 a year working with high school kids – I’d frequently take them on camping and skiing trips. I once took 100 kids skiing – and paid for the hotel, 2 days of lift tickets, and meals on the card. Needless to say – I collected from each participant and paid off the Amex card. To this day, I have one of the highest credit scores around.
  1. I almost perished of an appendicitis attack. I was 19, working as a river guide for a summer camp, and it caught me on day 1 of a 4 day river trip. They had to cram an ambulance down a hiking trail to load me up and haul me out to the hospital for emergency surgery. One of my co-workers ran the trail to the pay phone to call for help – about a mile each way, past midnight. Lucky me for having a savvy and concerned co-worker.
  1. I’m incredibly annoyed by injustice – easier for me to be treated poorly than for me to watch or know about someone else being treated badly. I know that fair and equal aren’t always the same thing –but unequal application of justice gets me pretty revved up. Could be as simple as a driver cutting off a cyclist and then blaming the cyclist – or the other way around.
  1. I probably know more about catholic liturgical music and the application thereof than all but a few people on the planet (percentage-wise, that is). I started playing church music at Seattle University and didn’t stop for 25 years. I played almost every weekend, sometimes two or three times a weekend. Regular church services, weddings, funerals, holidays – you name it. Some of that music was written badly – but a lot was well composed and elegant.
  1. I’m a sap for great pop music and for musical theatre. I must have learned early about suspension of disbelief. I’ve been fortunate to have been in or played for shows such as Grease, Sound of Music, Man of La Mancha, Godspell, Quilters, Big River, Oklahoma!, a show about Rumi and more. And while I’m a practiced musician – that’s really my best talent. I’ll show up well practiced – even though I might not show up with a lot of innate musical skill
  1. I had a mullet. And a tail. And curly hair. Have you met my wife? My hair was that long and that curly.
  1. I backed my car into the flange of my rental house garage. Not once but twice. You know – the parts of the garage right where you pull in on either side that hold the track for the garage door? Yep. Twice. Blamed a buddy who was somewhere else in the house. Had to pull my car up against it, rev the engine, push the wall back into place, stucco and paint, and fix the garage door – but not until I’d played a wedding gig. Tough day – not so much because of the damage to the car and the garage – but because I couldn’t help but notice my natural desire to blame trouble on someone else.
  1. My maximum heart rate is 196. If I’m racing and see that – I also better be able to see the finish line. Otherwise I’m doomed for a stumble to the finish.
  1. I drank no alcohol for 10 years. I knew that I enjoyed a tasty beer or a gin and tonic, and didn’t want to end up being the guy that became a drunk. Now I’m in a single malt scotch club.
  1. I’ve never seen an episode of Friends, Seinfeld, or the Simpsons, although I did see the Simpsons movie.
  1. I spent part of a summer working as a cooper – we fixed wine barrels in the Napa Valley.
  1. I’m an information junkie, although you’d think that would make me more informed or really good at Trivial Pursuits, but alas – not so much. But I read the newspaper every day, and read the headlines, The Economist, and almost anything else I can get my hands on.
  1. I’m cold blooded, for real. My body temperature is typically about a degree lower than the oft quoted 98.6 (although new medical wisdom says 98.2 is about normal).
  1. My approach to management and leadership relies heavily on my Jesuit based education. That means that I depend on my team to ask hard questions, to tell me when they think I’ve made a mistake, and that most of my work should be removing obstacles to help them accomplish their goals. In short: It’s not about me.
  1. I roast my own coffee. Green beans, popcorn popper, electric burner, outside. Fresh, fast, delicious.
  1. I’d like to turn the music of Meatloaf into a stage show, and then be in the band.
  1. If I’m near the ocean, I almost always have to get in. Sometimes that means that I wear my birthday suit into the water.
  1. The only books I’ve read more than once are “A Prayer For Owen Meany” by John Irving, and the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy (but I usually start with The Hobbit.
  1. Just once in my life, I used duct tape on a duct. It felt mildly surreal.
  1. I would like to run the Comrades Marathon one day. It’s a 56 mile run in South Africa.
  1. Getting a shake, burger and fries at Dick’s after a marathon is a great finish!
  1. Getting married was my favorite weekend ever. Staying married is outstandingly good, too.

2 Comments to “25 things About me”

  1. You\’ve been naked in public a lot more than I would have expected…Chris

  2. Catholic upbringing – what can I say!

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