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January 8, 2009

Running Into 2009

Well – I can’t say that my running program is off to a big start in 2009 – but it’s early yet!

I did go for a brisk (below freezing) run along the water in Manhattan on NY Day. On a whim, I decided to add up my annual running for the past few years to see how I’m measuring up:

2006: 708 miles

2007: 558 miles

2008: 773 miles

So – the trend is headed in the right direction. If I go back a bit further, though, I see that:

2004: 1600 miles!

Whew – so I also ran my fastest times of late in 2004 – and I can see why – I ran more.

In 2009 – I don’t expect that I’ll hit 1600 – but getting to 1,000 would be great!