Halfs of a Marathon

I just finished the Seattle Half Marathon (with my brother Frank, and his his wife, Suzanne). We had a pretty good race: It was much warmer than last year (whew!) and if we don’t have to count the unexpected pit stop near mile 5 or so –we ran faster than last year, which is always nice.

It’s not an especially pretty course, nor fast. There are a LOT of turns and enough hills that the course record is pedestrian by 1970 standards (that was the year when US men all over the country were knocking back 2.10 hour marathons like chugging a beer).

But it was fun. I took a look back at my race log to see what’s changed for me since my first marathon – and it’s a lot!

My first half marathon was also local – the Mercer Island Half, where I ran a 1.30 marathon – not bad given it was my first one and has plenty of rollers.

By then I was hot with marathon fever, though – and while I ran Vancouver that same year in 1.23 – most of my effort was devoted to running the whole marathon, and I haven’t really aimed for a speedy half since then.

Along the way, though, I have made a habit out of running the annual Super Jock and Jill race (run that one 5 times with the speediest being a 1.30 and the slowest a 1.41. And when I look back at the half marathon’s – most of them hover in the 1.30 to 1.45 range – not bad, considering that 12 years have passed since my first one!

All told, I’ve run one marathon for every half marathon – so my next race at either distance will likely dictate another, to keep things in balance!


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