A Perfect Shelter?

It’s been a month since Puja and were married on Galiano Island – and we’re still buzzing from the goodness of it all. We’ve seen some of the pictures, we’ve chatted with friends, we’ve received cards and notes and email – and it all still feels exceptionally present.

I’ve told friends that I suspect that in a lifetime someone might get a few days like we had: Perfect weather, surrounded by friends and family, terrific food and atmosphere, and everything seeming about as easy as can be. I’ve wondered – when a lot of bad things happen all at the same time, we call it a perfect storm.

What about when all of the good things happen? A perfect shelter? A perfect calm? Something else entirely? It’s still so recent I don’t think I have any great words to describe what a terrific time it was, save for in opposite.

You know – every good deed goes unpunished? For us it was the opposite – every good deed (done, thought about, considered!) was returned a thousand times over.

Expect the worst? We expected the very best, and had more of it that we’d thought possible!

Anyway – I’m sure I’ll write more about it later. In the meantime – a few pictures until we get the rest of them all sorted out!


wedding0043 wedding0047
Patrick adn Puja #1 The band

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