A Wedding Poem

My friend Katy wrote a great poem for our wedding. You should read it, perhaps twice or three times. I hope it gets published somewhere and Katy gets rich and famous!



For Pat and Puja: September 14, 2008

A word is a dangerous thing

for how it links to what we feel

and some say God began the world

with words, the rock on which we stand

was fluid sound, the molten seam

split gurgling from the core

(it’s iron ore, the lush earth’s crucible).

We thought the rocks were inhospitable,

barnacled and jagged, void of green

but there sea lions gather, slip unseen

into the place where their strange shape

makes sense.  They sleep beyond

the reach of whales, but will not stay. 

So we too travel far to gather here

and from the air we watched

the high plain desert rush to green:

young country freshly crowned in snows,

with alpine lakes on glacier beds like jewels.

We’re drawn across the world by words

and what we’ve come to hear is new—

these two—who’ll risk a love the world

has never seen.  Into the wake

of what they dare they pull us all,

and by their vows we witness the eternal.

So land of quake and lava yields to blooms,

the island homes of gentle visionaries

who framed their windows on the signs of glory

and tilled the earth where these two become married.

The sturdy shelter love builds out of years

begins with words, and here

God blesses all things into being.

By sign and word these lovers say I will—

their vow echoes, sea and stones are filled,

and we are changed who huddle round this pair,

carried beyond all fear to where the living are—

where love’s "Always" will outendure the stars.



(C) Katy Didden


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