Last Race of the Summer

My brother Frank and I ran the Super Jock and Jill Half Marathon this morning – our last race of the summer. It was more of a training run than a race – I was a the Dave Matthews show earlier in the weekend and Frank was traveling from London- so – mostly – we wanted to get out for a nice run – and since I’ve been running this race for years – I thought I’d introduce Frank to it.

As a bonus, Puja rode her bike from home and met us just before the 10 mile mark – which resulted in three of our speediest miles!

It was fun – it wasn’t too hot or too cold, the crowd was pleasant, and Frank and I did better than we’d expected. We started at a sub 8 minute pace, and hung on for the entire race – and that included a quick bathroom break and a couple of stops for water! My watch had us finishing at a7.42 pace – not bad at all.

I’ll probably be a bit sore tomorrow, since I haven’t run that far since the marathon in May – but it felt good – and it was even better to head on over to Victrola for coffee and then the Coastal Kitchen for breakfast, where we met my friend Robert! Race results when available!


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