Everybody Wants Good Things

I’m just back from a show at the Triple Door – I saw the Bodeans -a band I haven’t seen since, I don’t know – maybe the mid-90’s or so. Back then, I saw them at a venue called Under The Rail (under the monorail, back then) and I remember my friend Greg Enslow and I enjoyed the show a lot – just a four person band (electric guitar, bass, drums, acoustic guitar) and it was really something else – quite a lot of sound for not that many people!

Tonight’s show at the Triple Door was more of the same – terrific singing, a great set list, and a band that still totally enjoys making music. Nothing called in about the show at all.

I first heard of the Bodeans when a friend of my brother needed help installing software (in German, no less) so he translated while I installed, while the Bodeans played in the background.

After that, they turned up on the soundtrack to Party of Five (Closer to Free) and on a lot of local radio stations.

They seemed to disappear for a bit – but they have a new disk out, and I hope they keep making music.

The first encore (in front of the mic, with a pair of acoustic guitars) was breath taking. The rest of the encore, was too.


One Comment to “Everybody Wants Good Things”

  1. This is a great band, from WI, and we like to see them as much as possible here in the midwest!

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