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July 22, 2008

Nice Buns

Okay – so – even though I’m a runner, I like to ride my bike, and I like to swim – my buns aren’t much to talk about.

Put me in front of some dough, however – and we’re talking some real buns – here’s a sneak peek at tonight’s dinner – home-made bacon blue cheese burgers, and (yep!) home-made buns!


Nice buns

July 6, 2008

Galiano Weekend

I’m getting married on Galiano – and lots of folks have asked why there? (None have asked the why about getting married, though!)

Puja and I were looking for a spot that was easy going, pretty, outdoors, and here in the northwest. A website or two took us to the Methow valley, to Whistler, and to a few other locations – and one of them took us to Galiano Island.

I’d been to Mayne Island (one of Galiano’s neighbors) and thought it was terrific – so Puja and I packed the car on a whim (tent, sleeping bag, dog, not much else) and headed up. We found a spot to get married and went back two weekends later!

Here’s a quick look at what our most recent Galiano Weekend was like:

  • Up at 6:00 to pack the car, brew a bit of coffee, grab the dog and a couple of bags of ice for the cooler, and to throw the bikes on top of the car.
  • Leave home (coffee from Fresh Flours!) with the paper and all else in hand, and drive like the wind up towards the border.
  • Stop and have a pleasant conversation with a nice uniformed man on a motor bike, if you take my warning.
  • Get gas at the Truck Crossing, just before heading into Canada, and take the bikes off the top and put them on the back – no over height charges that way.
  • Arrive 40 minutes in advance of the reservation, just like they say and load up!
  • 60 minutes later, watch all of the under informed stop for ice, gas, food and what not, while we head on down the road to Montague Harbor and the best campsites in town. Make that the best campsite – we snagged the last open spot!
  • Pitch a tent for us, another for our stuff, brew a little coffee, and listen to the wind, the birds, and the sound of other people relaxing. Don’t hear the fireworks – nothing gets blown to bits on the 4th of July in Canada.
  • Grab my golden bicycle from the car and head up to the Corner store. Up being the operative word. A camp towel and a 6 pack of good beer goes into the backpack, and I head back home – 20 minutes to get to the store, 14 to get back. Still a big hill – but it favors you on the way back.
  • Turkey burgers with cilantro and other goodness, nestled in home-made bread for lunch.
  • A book, a dog, a fiancee, not in that order. Repeat.
  • Walk down to the beach to look at the Arbutus trees leaning beautifully out to the sun.
  • Listen to the waves lap against the shore, and the distant sound of voices carrying across the water. The sunset is gorgeous.
  • Pork tenderloin, cold beer, black beans and peanut butter cookies for dinner. Maybe a dram or two of scotch. The camp attendant waves, and then says "You’re back – I thought you were just another guest!". Yep – Galiano is a pretty good place.
  • Fall asleep to the wind rustling in the leaves, and laugh at my dog wearing Puja’s vest. We all sleep like rocks.
  • Fresh coffee (home roasted, ground in a hand grinder on site) and scrambled eggs with guacamole, ham and veggies.
  • Finish one book, start the next. Maybe wash a dish or two. One, actually, we only brought one dish.
  • Hike to the top of Mt. Galiano. Girl and dog also have a great time, and a spectacular view is had by all. About an hour each way, depending on how much you like to sweat.
  • Drive on out to Bodega Ridge, tour the wedding spot, chat with the owner, find out who won the opening stage of the tour. Nice. This will be very nice. Beautiful, cozy, close to everything, outdoors.
  • Hope on the golden bicycle, with an eye towards heading to the Hummingbird Pub. HILLY ride, but fun – close to 40 MPH on the downhill, and close to crying on the uphill.
  • The Hummingbird. Kid friendly. Beer friendly. Music friendly. Hot wings friendly. Pub bus/taxi friendly. Pool table friendly. We’re coming back.
  • Turkey burgers for dinner. Tenderloin for dinner. Peanut butter cookie with dark chocolate melted over a cracking campfire. Maybe a bit of single malt, that second book, and some dishes. Fall asleep to the wind in the leaves. Dog still wearing the vest.
  • Pack the car at 6:30, rack up the bikes, head down to the dock for the 8.15 boat. Have "pita the great" at the terminal, courtesy Max and Moritz. Get the spicy Indonesian sauce or you’ll be sorry.
  • An hour later, get off the boat, put the bikes back on top, and head to the border – the truck crossing. Polite border crossing – very unusual!
  • 2 hours later, pull up into sunny Seattle. Still haven’t heard anything blow up.