Faster Than Last Year

It’s year three of the Mountains to Sound Relay race – and our team keeps getting faster! I’d like to think it’s because Frank and I are age-defying super athletes – but this year, the laurels rest squarely on the heads of our team mates!

In the past three years, we’ve had 3 road cyclists and two mountain bike riders. Phillip took over for Leen (impending baby) and came in 2nd the first year and 4th this year. (4th sounds like a downgrade, but it’s not – he was wheel to wheel with the leaders, and he actually shaved 5 minutes or so from his previous time.

Steven took over from Dave who took over from Whit (impending baby for the last two). Whit rode a fine race, Dave did, too, and Steven did as well – each faster than the last. This year, Phillip and Dave alone were responsible for about 35 of our speedier minutes!

Joe and Frank and I have been the trio that hasn’t changed. well – that’s not true. Joe is faster! He has always been fast – the first two years he polished off the 12 miles in his kayak in just about 2 hours ten minutes. This year, with a faster boat – he took another 4 minutes off of that time!

Frank and I were faster in year two. (Year one was just like this year – about 97 degrees when the running portion came along). But in year two, I covered that 13.5 distance and Frank the 6 mile distance faster than in year one. This year we switched, so it’s hard to say if we were faster or not – since neither had a benchmark.

All told though – we came in NINTH OVERALL (yes, I’m bragging) and FITH in our category (the hard category, the Open). Not bad for a bunch of guys with day jobs, as Steven pointed out!


Joe gets ready FRank hits his stride
Phillip on the go!  

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