Ten is in the bank!

I finished the Vancouver Marathon a few hours ago – number 1O.

Like most marathons – good planning was trumped by reality: The Italian restaurant turned into a French one, the weather promised to be of the t-shirt variety rather than colder (and me without a technical tee) and Frank’s achilles proved to be uncooperative. He and I were running our second marathon together – and we didn’t get our day. Frank spent the last 3 weeks stretching, on the elliptical, getting PT and more. And that all helped. But at 8 or so, the twinge came back so we trod lightly, we were careful on the hills, we stretched and were able to hit mile 17 before discretion took over and Frank headed for the hotel and I headed to the bridge.

I’ll write more about those last 9 miles in a bit, but here’s the details:

I finished in 3.35, Puja and Olivia and Suzanne provided great support, the weather held, and I carried the names of my virtual running partners with me – which made for a good day!

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3 Comments to “Ten is in the bank!”

  1. Wow, congratulations on number 10! I was thinking of you this morning, somewhere around mile 23 I was hoping (in my measly one and only marathon, that was when I hit a wall). I\’m sorry you didn\’t make your personal goal but congrats on another great showing. You are an inspiration!

  2. (Sorry, that first comment was from Emily d.)

  3. Great Job Patrick! Sorry to hear that Frank was injured. Baby Michael was cheering for you both from MN! How about running the Twin Cities Marathon this Fall? Think about it!
    Cousin Mary

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