Marathon Next Weekend!

The race is getting close – by this time next week, I’ll be in Vancouver getting nervous. I’ll be checking my gear, probably will tour the course, will look for high carb but bland food (a terrible thing to say when in such a great town), and will review all of the notes from friends:

For years now, when I run a marathon, I invite my friends along – some make it in person, others pick a mile in particular and send strong thoughts my way, and others opt for a "I’ll be thinking of you for the WHOLE time" philosophy.

One of the best thing about a marathon is that it takes a long time – so I’ll print out everyone’s name, will make a wrist band or tape those names to my hat – and then I’ll peek every mile. It’s fun – I get to run a race, I get to think of my great friends and family, far and near.

This year should be the same – but I’ll also have my brother Frank along for company – an extra person for every mile!

Anyway – here are some of the things I’ll be remembering:

During that hour, I will be describing the connection between the preservation program for cheetahs in Namibia is linked to dramatic improvement in eco-friendly land use for farming and ranching throughout Africa. So, I plan to reference you, by name, during my presentation, when I describe that cheetahs not only run fast, but they also cover a tremendous amount of ground in a single day.  Just like you and Frank…

We want your toughest, most excruciating mile and when it comes, we are going to ROCK OUT, play some air guitar (and perhaps change a poopy diaper . . .

We have a concert at 3pm on the 4th. We’ll be thinking of you as you run and we play

Mile 25 it is. I will send endurance, lightness, humor and grace

While others view it as unlucky, I was born on the 13th and luck has nothing to do with your success.  At this point in the race you will have been reaching or forming a tipping point.  You will have to make decisions throughout but somewhere around 13, you will know that you can do a negative split or you will know that it is for another day.  You will do well.  But at 13, you will tip toward your success.

I will be in Europe on the day of your race — so, I will join you from afar and I will send you a note.  Mile 17 (favorite number) is mine! 

I will pick you up at twenty miles. That, I believe is where we met before. So I’ll plan accordingly, take your pace into consideration, the time zone difference, and I’ll be out on the local bike path at that time. You’ll come up behind me and I’ll say, "Looking good Patrick. Let’s go." I’ll stay with you as long as I can.

At this point we’re taking it one day at a time. So, if we don’t make it, we’ll be thinking of you at mile 8. I’ll get Maddie to do some jumping jacks with me– we’ll be sending her exuberant toddler happy energy your way!

I’m feeling good after reading your write-up and I’m picking mile 17 if it’s still available.


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