Hail No!

That’s right – hail in April – on both Friday and Sunday.

I’m into the tapering section of my training – not running so much, finished my last long run (15 miles in the hail) and am trying not to get fat.

Don’t laugh – I mean – when you’re a skinny dude, even an extra pound or two makes a difference over the course of 26.2 miles. Conventional wisdom says that you should run at your body height in inches, times two. that puts me at a body weight of 139. I’m pretty close – I’ll probably hit that just after the race. Last time I raced, I was at 137 – a tad too skinny, I think, and I once raced (London) closer to 145 which was too much!

So – I’m aiming for the 140-141 mark – which means – with less running these last few weeks – a little less food until the day or two before the race!


One Comment to “Hail No!”

  1. You\’re ruining my attempts to fatten you up!!!

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