14 Pounds of Ice

Whoo hoo! I’m just done (0kay, not just. I had hot carrot soup and am sipping a shot of espresso to continue the warm-up process!) with my last ice bath before the Vancouver Marathon on May 4th.

Frank and I has a break last weekend – ran about 15 – and this weekend was our last long distance run – we were aiming at 22. Circumstances and such meant that Frank and I didn’t get to run the entire way together – but we did get in 16 side by side. We started at the Sammamish River Park out in the Redmond area, and ran the Sammamish River Trail into Bothell, where it turns into the Burke Gilman -and we stayed on that all the way to Montlake and then finished at Madison Beach – quite a long run.

Of course – we had help along the way. Puja made a great pasta salad for a pre run carb-fest, Suzanne and Olivia delivered us to our destination (and provided post run company as well) and the good folks at the 7-11 provided the 14 pounds of ice.

So – we’re on to resting, maintaining our fitness level, and hoping for good running weather in Vancouver!


One Comment to “14 Pounds of Ice”

  1. Icing my achilles and hoping for the best! Have to say, running w/ the camel back made a huge difference…no hydration issues today at all….

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