Around The Lake!

Frank and I are getting ready for the Vancouver marathon, and a couple of weeks ago we ran around the south end of Lake Washington. I’ve been running parts of this loop for years, sometimes riding my bike, sometimes having running company – but mostly running by myself.

So it was great to have company – we left one car at Seward Park, another at Day Street Park (the full loop is 24 miles, and we’re not going that far this time around!), and we headed east across I-90, over Mercer Island, through the Mercer Slough, out near Coal Creek, and picked up the Lake Washington Train on the eastside of the lake. We followed that through to Gene Coulon Park, ran around the Renton ball field, the Renton airport, and caught Rainier Ave back to town, and finished by cruising into Seward Park.

I’m pretty sure we covered 21 miles or so – which means next weekend we cover 22, our last long run before the race. Don’t know if we’ll go back around the Lake (I kinda hope so – easier to run when you know what to expect!) but we’ll get our 22 and start resting!


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